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Spending time on adding content for google search relevance, title meta-tags, adding your website to web directories, etc  is the difference between getting 100 or 5000+ visitors a month.

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Titles, Content and Google…

Q: I was wondering about the search engines, I still don’t come up in google when I type in one of my key words.
A: Your site is relatively new… it takes time, marketing, good content, good titles and many links to your website,  to make your site appear higher on google for the key words you want to appear in google. How does google work?


Your site does not only have to want to appear in google for the keywords you choose, you should have pages that contain information on each of the subjects you have as keywords, the title of the pages should contain the keywords, we should add the keywords to the titles of your existing pages, especially the pages linked from your main navigation bar. If you make sub pages under the main page services for example with details about each service this will improve your results 100%.   When people find a site where they find their solution, google knows.

Please send keywords relating to service and product pages on your website that you would like to be ranked higher for.

For example
Currant homepage title:
Suggested change
ABC PC Help – Adelaide Computer Repair, Data Recovery, Upgrades – South Australia

The first 70 characters(letters) of your main title are the key, however your title can be up to 100+ caricatures.
In most cases you will be ranked number one for your title keywords within one or two years.
Use the longer title/ slogan in the title of your directory listings / link backs / face book / blog  etc.

Google Places

Links and Reputation
It is important to create profile pages on several sites to give reputation to your site. Some of these sites are business listing sites and others are for listing profile sites of people and businesses. This show google you are a real person/business. One thing google does not like it to list an unknown site.

Link building…
I would list your site in / or Google Business Directory (these two sites are the same / share the same database)
Googles favorite links source (because only creditable sites get approved to be listed here)
Instructions to get listed:
1. browse / or until you find the category best suited for you business and the “suggest URL” link appears in the top right
2. press the “suggest URL” link and enter in your information
*Caution: Enter only what they say with a minimum caricature description and don’t try to market your business with slogans (too much)
*Find your appropriate category in Regional> Oceania> Australia section.  google will give you extra Australian searches credit for if you are listed in here. 

Other sites to list in; (classifieds)

*There are normally many other good places to list; for example if you had a computer repair business in Adelaide; you should search google with “computer repair Adelaide” and you will find many listing sites that list computer repair centers in Adelaide. This is where you want to get listed for credibility and also so people searching through these lists will find you!      it may take some time with creative search’s and going through many links to find places where you can list your business and website link but this really is one of the keys to getting a #1 ranking.

Search engines regularly search through the internet finding
links to new sites, once they find a new site they add it to
their search engine, the more quality links to that site that they find
the more they add to your page rank. 

forums, internet classifieds, etc.; you can find forums and free
classifieds relating to your website & services…

Way to find keywords and content ideas
use, put in your website and click search, then click on ‘Local Monthly Searches’ (meaning australia) to see most popular search’s for your service or product. these keywords relate to services people are looking for on the internet; place these keywords on to your site in content, and create new pages with them in your titles! and content outlaying what you can offer.
Note: this may not work if you website is less than 6 months old.
Low competition may mean you can provide a service / write information about it, to more easily gain high ranking for that service.

Site Titles
The title is important for a number of reasons, not only does every search engine give a lot of weight to the title but it will show up as the clickable link to your site in the search engine results pages. With this is mind we need to populate the title with as many keywords as possible without making it look cluttered.
It is important to note that title tags should be unique for each page of your site. This doesn’t mean you want completely new keywords for each page it is more that you need to remove some of the less important keywords and replace them with more relevant keywords for that particular page. Please note that at least initially we only look at your main page.

You can rearrange this or add in the other keyword phrases if you wish but a couple of things to keep in mind. Google assigns a certain amount of “points” to the heading, these get divided between all the words/phrases in the title. Those at the start of the title a weighted slightly more then those at the end, and any words not explicitly shown in the search results are weighted a lot less.
Also the order that you have the words is important, so if you have 2009 at the start of the title your websites ranking for someone entering in “2009 tax return” will drop (normally only a few places but this can mean the difference between the first and second page).
Lastly Google displays approximately 55 characters in the search results, you can add in more then this but they will be weighted a lot less then those displayed, if you wish to add in a locality I will often add it even if it doesn’t show up.

Links or Resources Page
You can add a links/resources page to your website, the reason a links page is important is because search engines will rank sites higher if they participate in expanding the online community. Google feels this is so important that it has been estimated that this counts for roughly 40% of web rankings.
Although outgoing links don’t gain you as much page rank as incoming links the lack of outgoing links is actually penalised by Google.

Forum support, video tutorials, written tutorials, manuals, resource pages, etc
If you have a service website you can provide support in forums relating to your service where you post detailed manuals and support information on your website then link this information as an answer in the forum.
You can post website tutorials, manuals, product data specification, etc.  Index these pages and documents in a support document page, or link via hidden links.
*This will give your website allot of google credit;  google lists websites with information on them higher than advertising only websites!;  people will link your website on other forums and websites;  people will value your support and you will gain word of mouth marketing, and get user populated links to your website. You will be helping strangers with solutions to every day problems.  Often the first thing people do is research a problem or try to find a manual before seeking paid help and often value the information source and will go to you for future paid help.

More ideas:

  • recipes;  
  • product specifications (technical data);
  • equipment manuals;
  • design index for idea;
  • pet of the month (with small gift vouchers for winners), design of the month, or something of the month;  this will give you “community page’ google credit and people will spend time on your site looking at it. FOrum can be made for entry submissions.
  • perhaps a forum where you supply support and built a community of people chatting about X hobby (relating to what you sell).  
  • things people will use when looking to for information on X product or service, how to do it, proper equipment use, etc.  
  • try, put in your website and click search, then click on ‘Global Monthly Searches’ to see most popular search’s for your service or product. We will then place these keywords on to your site titles + content some how;  write pages, Provide Resource- links pages / pages on most popular things.
  • Provide free business listing pages (e.g. you sell ‘Horse Riding Gear’ and make a ‘Stable’, ‘Grooming Services ‘ and ‘X Country Horse Competitions’ listing section of your site where any one can list their Stable and Competition).
  • Second hand X category items for sale (where X category items you sell new).


Site Load Speed
The search engines actually have a quality score that they give a website, part of this score is based upon the time it takes a website to download.
As such a website shouldn’t take more then a few seconds to load and if it takes longer then this it should be coded in such a way that some content is available for the user to see as soon as possible. Your website loads relatively quickly so you don’t need to worry about this, however it is good to keep in mind when adding images as these need to be reduced in size (file size that is) as much as possible without compromising the quality of the image

Meta Keywords
Meta keywords have very little influence, in my opinion it is all about the page titles and contents and link building.

The best way to get ranked higher for specific words is to have a page or catalog for a specific word/phrase then do some link building for that page.  The page should contain detailed information or a number of products for that word/phrase.
e.g. “phone networking”
we would have a page called  “phone networking” linked on the menu with details about  “phone networking”; installation, technical info, products, australian phone networking information, then I would find appropriate places to link this page from other websites.

please supply the keywords would would like a good rank for and I will create pages for them and suggest information strategies.

Outside link
Search Engine Optimisation Tips from NetRegistry 2009


Paid Advertising

On any of my packages you get a SEO
package, listing in google (will happen within 2 months) the google rank is much determined by you by the work you put into it from the info above.

SEO Package

Web Design Package SEO1 SEO2 SEO3
Targeted Number of Key Phrases 3 3 5 10
Website & Competitor Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Research & Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Make SEO Friendly URL Structure Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unique Titles Tags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unique Description Tags Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTML Tags Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Images and Alt tag No Only 5-6 Pages Specified Pages Entire Site
Google Analytics Install Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keywords density Set Yes Yes Yes
Website Content Yes and No No Yes Yes
Press Releases Writing No No No Yes
Blog Writing No No Yes Yes
Directory Submissions 15-20+ free sugestions and
instructions provided only
Yes Yes Yes
Social Bookmarking Yes (when requested) Yes Yes Yes
Classified Ads Submissions sugestions optional No No Yes
RSS Feed Submissions No No Yes Yes
Blog Commenting No Yes Yes Yes
Linking to Quality Blogs & Websites No No No Yes
Twitter Profile Creation & Maintenance No Yes Yes Yes
FaceBook Profile Creation In quote No No Yes
Google Plus Profile Creation No No Yes Yes
Pinterest Profile Creation No No No Yes
Blog Promotion No No No Yes
Forum Posting No Yes Yes Yes
SEO contractor extras
No Yes Yes Yes
Progress and Rank Report No Yes Yes Yes
ProjectTotal $359.99 $459.99 $549.99

Ongoing SEO

Website Content Yes Yes Yes
Press Releases Writing Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Blog Writing Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Directory Submissions Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Social Bookmarking Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Classified Ads Submissions Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Blog Commenting Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Social Media Updates (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram) Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Blog Promotion Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Forum Posting Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Monthly Progress and Rank Report Yes Yes Yes
ProjectTotal $110 per month $205 per month $325 per month


Directory Submissions / Extended Link Building
One of the main things that will get you on the first page is link building and being listed in business directories.

If I find many sites that you should list on and send instruction on how to list on them; this is $40. If I find all the best places to list and you list on them you will have longer time to spend listing and customizing the listings and this may have a good result.
if I do the listing myself this is $75.   Includes about 25+ listings.

When your ready: write a description and title for your business that visitors will see on industry related websites and business directory listing.   Something that will catch the eye of your customers maybe.     This content may come from your homepage.

One description and title as long as you want it with any keywords, product names, links, etc.

I recommend doing your own listing for content and site
Get listed in Google business directory now

When I work on a website for you I work on your titles, and giving your site keywords, etc. I also often do things such as setting up 301 redirect and doing some free link building for you, submitting your site to search engines, and optimize your site for customer appeal.  

Extended Analysis
including review of keywords, meta tags, content, page rank positions, inbound links, landing page urls, broken links, and much more.  

Google Analytics Setup
Free report on any package.
Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.
lets you see and analyze your traffic data (see where people are coming from and how long they stay, what landing page urls you have, etc )
– Especially important if you have Google Adwords

Google Webmaster Tools
Free report on any package (only on request).

provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google.
VIEW PAGE RANKS!    get a list of your top page positions for google searches
view broken links
check your site for bugs

I am happy to setup the above for free, and then you can analyse it yourself (it not hard and marketing reviews are a PART OF YOUR BUSINESS, its a good way to see how your website is getting ahead).

Stating at $40 I can review this information, make suggestions, and give a report
– To optimize this procedure this should be done no less that 6 months after your website and inbound links have been setup (link building).

I can help with many things. There are also other people sites that offer listing services, etc, and people and testing sites such as that can tell you want you need to do for a better google rank. many people can give you analysis of your site and tell you what you can do to improve it.  you can do it your self by going to such sites as or (not realistic warnings). 

For a good start I suggest you find some sites where you can place your business name and web address. Often a business owners know best what services they can offer and advertise (and I can also help), you should think about all the different products and services you have and list in appropriate places, as well as use your content management system to create new pages to advertise the new services and information you think of.


Google Adwords
Google adwords and other paid ads. Google ad words is the best and puts your site at the top of search listings and puts ad’s on relevant website that are viewed by people in desired locations only (by IP address).  This can cost between 5 cent and 60 cents per click to your ad. You can also do this your self by creating an account with
Promotion is $25 spent for $125 ad-words starter account on any Web Design or SEO package. You would need to add your payment info to the ad-words account for it to continue or let me know if you want me to manage your account (10% fee).  You may get coupon codes here.

Shop product feeds into large online shop engine sites

The way it works:
We can setup product feeds so all the items you list in your shop get listed in places as My Shopping,, Google Base, / MSN, Kelkoo,,,, Yahoo! Product Submit Feeder,,,, and many more. Product data feeds automatically get download from your site everyday. Some of these are free to setup but others have some small costs involved.
Why it works: Product exposure!, people will find your products in these other stores. When someone does a search for a product in google they will find your product over and over again on the first page, google search dominance, also this will push your competitors down this list and make your customers believe your item is more popular. Many of these sites also link directly to your product pages to it is great for link building which influences your google rank.

The best way to have your individual products ranked higher in google is to have multiple quality likes going to each product, My Shopping for example will give you one set of links, other data feeds will give you more.

Money well spent marketing wise, like getting another 20 websites, but even better.

For more information and prices see our product feeds information page

Search engine optimization for Zen-Cart
basic service @$:

  • Review and reporting (intervals over 12 months)
  • Link building
  • Content optimization
  • SEO URLs module install for zen-cart
  • RSS Feeds install
  • Shopping Comparison engine listings (limited)
  • Work on other ideas to get customers in and a better page rank.
  • Page Meta tags
  • Category Meta tag definitions:

    use this button when adding categories.  Product Meta tags are automatically generated but category meta tags are not.

SEO information videos:


Basic setup:


Google’s SEO Starter Guide…..=seo+starter+guide