Phone us:

What you need to supply and what we need to go through depends on the kind of site you want.

The kind of things that you can provide us are;
• Domain name (url)
• Domain registrant information:
– Name and/or business name
– Postal address
– Telephone number.
– ABN (if domain) (ACN/BRN/Trademark are also accepted)

• Domain email addresses (option of email forwarding or domain email account),
• Titles and content you have ready for the pages (optional). Information pages and content can be created during or after the design process by us or yourself(in the admin). Sending content initially often helps create a better design with less work latter.
• Optional: page images / design images, the kind of theme you want, any other ideas you may have for the site.
• Logo (if you have one).

• If you had the choice to be listed #1 in search engine results for 3 to 10 key search phrases/keywords; what would they be, and what would be the top 1 to 3 key search phrases (in order of priority) ?.
• Optional: google analytics/webmaster tools account (website statistics and analytics)?.  Website comes with website statistics; google analytics is optional.

Further design / logo information:
You may leave it up to us to create a nice logo and design, your input is helpful;

  • Any particular element(s) that you would like incorporated in the design?
  • Any specific colors or color combinations that you would like? (I will use something that looks good with the colours on the website)
  • Specify ideas for target market?
  • Logo:
    – Any concepts/element(s) we should think of when creating the logo design?
    – Logos will be available in high definition.

*After you have provided the above we can start your online shop and/or information content management system website. Below are more optional things.

Logo and Design is made from your business name, type, and products and services; or to your requested design type.  Templates can be customized.

If you have an idea of what page title you want let me know, e.g. contact, about us, prices, ….  However page titles, shop categories can be created latter.
A content management system allows you to an new pages when ever you like.

Content management also enables you to add and edit text from the website admin, add meta keywords (with my help), and do many other great things, such as create and edit your own ordering forms, manage a online calendar and much much more . Some elements within the pages (such as special picture layouts) may be hard to create from the admin, I will still need to know where and what you want in this regard.

You may provide “meta tags” these are your goggle title, description and keywords. Simply a page title, Description of your site/services/products (this may come from homepage text), Keywords are optional.  You title and description can be as long as you like.

Emailing me word documents with page titles and content can be an efficient way to send me information. Email anything to

It is better to send me as much as you can for the site before I start the design, e.g. domain, email address, etc

x  Material
Optional; Logos, product shipping costs, site arrangement
ideas, photos, anything you want; text document,
photos to scan, documents scanned to text, videos, anything you
You do not need to give us anything to put on
your site, perhaps you just have an idea of what you want us to

x Domain name
The domain name you want. You can check to see whether they are available at;, or

Please provide your name, phone number and postal address for domain registration purposes (optional). If you require a address also send me your ABN and business name.


x Email address (Optional)
You can choose to have “Domain inbox accounts” or” email forwarding”.
Email forwarding is where emails sent to will be forwarded to you@your current email address.
more about email forwarding

x Questions for shop owners
If I am going to design a shop for you please click here