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Google adwords

Google Adwords are good for local state product or service targeting.


Want to learn more?, or learn how to do it?: Check out these tutorials:

There are keys to make the campaigns cheaper, I use to have a video but has been lost but main key is that making relevant ads are cheaper, making unique very relevant ads are cheaper, check for keywords which have less competition and make unique ads for them.
ad group keywords should relate to ad only...  ... group ad's need keywords to run...     
add heaps and heaps of relevant good keywords relating to each ad:    this is the key to get the cheap ones;  instead of getting 15 clicks for $7 you will get 70+ per day. 
reduce the max cost per click to 18 cents, anything over 45 cents is not worth it...(may as well push the 5 and 10 cent ads hard and leave the 70c clicks...).  
do a review in 2 weeks (when keywords have statistics) at this time make sure your getting lots of click;   and change max cost per click to 14 cents;   and change some of the Premium key words up to 20 to 35 cents manually (it tells you how much the Premium key words are when left running).

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