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Product feeds /Product info and Links into shopping comparison sites
Zen Cart Specialist

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If your interested in a cost per click program;  I would recommend starting with My Shopping /;  pay only for clicks after people have seen your item and price already.  

Do It Yourself setups

  • My Shopping - ($0 setup support (package customers only) and...)
    Prices start from 10 Australian cents CPC (Cost per Click)
    $50 credit deposit required on sign up
    go to My Shopping, sign up for an account, let me know and I will install datafeed script (with GST customization), then we simply email the datafeed location and they put the categories in to the matching categories on their site.

    • Not many people will click though to your site but the ones who do are real customers.
    • Google will give each of your products a higher page rank just for being on this site (link building), and this costs you nothing.

  • !
    No sign up fee, CPC Prices.
  • Research best shopping comparison sites in your country; signup for an account with them and I will help setup datafeed's for free (zencart package customers only). zencart compatible shopping comparison sites only (most of them are).

Let me do everything for you
I can start and manage your shopping comparison sites, ad words accounts , etc. All login info will be sent to you.
just ask

The way it works:
We can setup product feeds so all the items you list in your shop get listed in places as, Google Base, / MSN, Kelkoo,,,, Yahoo! Product Submit Feeder,,,, and many more. Product data feeds automatically get download from your site everyday. Some of these are free to setup but others have some small costs involved.
Why it works: Product exposure!, people will find your products in these other stores. When someone does a search for a product in google they will find your product over and over again on the first page, google search dominance, also this will push your competitors down this list and make your customers believe your item is more popular.
Many of these sites also link directly to your product pages to it is great for link building which influences your google rank.

The best way to have your individual products ranked higher in google is to have multiple quality likes going to each product, google base will given you one set of links, other data feeds will give you more.

Money well spent marketing wise, like getting another 20 websites, but even better. 

Places you can easily duplicate your product exposure FOR FREE!:
• Amazon product feeds setup: Free (for new sites only)
listing fees: Free! (commission costs here)
Google Base product feeds setup: Free (for new sites only)
   Google Base fee's:  free!
Many others

The free product feeds setup all have to be done individually which takes time, also each engine (e.g. google base) needs to be configured separately. But we have a solution to set them up all of them at once, although each engine still needs to be configured separately.

There are may sites that take data feeds and many which you can list your items on manually for free.  
If you has over 50+ items in your shop admin it can be easier to list them with a datafeed into other shop engines.
For example
Many of these can also be downloaded for free made by other people.
Each has a unique fee for me to setup and configure both on your site and in the shop engine it's self.   

Google dominance = easily export your products to following engines with minimal efforts:

  • Google Base
  • Froogle
  • /
  • /
  • Generic RSS
  • Yahoo Marketing / Yahoo SMB
  • Kelkoo
  • PriceRunner
  • Smarter
  • NexTag
  • PriceGrabber
  • Become
  • ShopFerret
  • Buyer's Edge
  • ePier
  • Elm@r
  • Jellyfish
  • Pronto
  • MSN Shopping
  • CNet
  • CWebUSA
  • PowerSource
  • PriceSaving
  • Advanced XML
  • BrokerBin
  • ShopMania
  • Vast
  • Shopify
  • Custom

And we can do it all for the setup fee of $169USD, plus engine configuration cost which may be minimal if you can help us in doing this your self.

I would love to set this up for all of the shops I design. So often do we see little shops trying to do it on their own when they can easily put their products in to large retailers. The option will be there to export your products to a number of sites, you have the option to send it to the one's you want, also you have the option to select to only certain categories you send.

Features of our all-in-one setup:

  • sales channel analysis
  • easy to use
  • multilanguage support
  • multicurrency support
  • ability to export only selected categories
  • ability to include/exclude products marked "out of stock"
  • ability to include/exclude products with zero quantity
  • capability to include/exclude products with zero price
  • capability to strip HTML from Product Names
  • capability to strip HTML from Product Descriptions
  • capability to set default shipping cost
  • ability to limit number of products exported
  • ability to set currency that is used during export
  • ability to customize name of the export file
  • third party sales channel tracking (Google Analytics, WebTrends, OneStat, 123LogAnalyzer, Netmining etc)
  • additional Live Product Feed URL options
  • store feed on your server which engines downloaded daily
  • exported products filtering by name, quantity, model, price etc
  • ability to append additional info like price, manufacturer to exported product name
  • multiple export configurations
  • preconfigured Google Analytics support
  • supports most of standard-compliant SEO-friendly URL modules/addons
  • Click Tracking / ROI Tracking
  • online documentation and Quick Start instructions
    and more

Many product feed site are free to list on but charge a commission of every sale they put through their check out, others are free if you place their logo on your site and others are just cost per click

Example of cost per click engine site:
  • You sign up and create a Merchant Account. You decide how much you want to deposit into your Merchant Account to get started. That amount is charged to your credit card.
  • Your product listings are published to the Network, complete with information about your store, your policies and your prices. Your listings appear in the millions of search results accessed by our active shoppers every day.
  • The price that you want to pay for each sales lead - your Cost-per-Click (CPC) - is set by you, the merchant. You can set a different CPC for each category (electronics) or sub-category (digital cameras).
  • When a shopper clicks through to your product page on your website, the CPC sales lead is deducted from the amount you have on deposit in your Merchant Account. You do not pay anything until a user clicks over to your site.
  • It's as simple as that. There is very little work for you to do.

Our e-commerce online shop web design packages here

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