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email forwarding

1. email forwarding and using your current email address or free email
2. having only one email account,
but sending and receiving from multiple email addresses

1. email forwarding and using your current email address or free email
You may choose to
set up an account with a free email provider such as hotmail or yahoo email or use your existing email address and have all of your email forwarded to that email with no size or other limits. This is what I do because I have multiple email addresses. Hotmail and others have limits between 250MB and 2GB storage. You may also use hotmail account as instant MSN Messenger accounts, and yahoo has other things. A negative about them is that if you use their free service and dont check your email after a month they delete your email and account, so you should check your email at least every few weeks, whereas with us you have the freedom to go on a holiday or the like and not check your email for months or years.

2. having only one email account, but sending and receiving from multiple email addresses
Personally I don’t like checking more then one inbox, but when someone sends an email to **** they expect to get back an email from or maybe a hotmail account with that name in it, you can use Outlook Express to mask the from / reply to address (this important if you are going to have multiple email addresses).

Changing Your Email Reply Address
One of the big misconceptions on the net is that your email "reply address" is somehow "real" or "correct".In actuality, your email "reply address" is just like the reply address on the outside of a snail-mail envelope.The email reply address tells the recipient how to write you back.

But, the email reply address can be anything. I can set my email software to have any reply address I want.

This page explains why you would want to and how to do it.

These steps will work in both Outlook and in Outlook Express:

  1. Click on "Tools"
  2. Click on "Accounts"
  3. Click on the "Mail Tab"
  4. Click on the account labeled as your "default" account
  5. Click on "Properties"
  6. Under "User Information", the "Name" is the name that will show in the reply address. You may change this if you wish.
  7. Under "User Information", the "E-mail address" is the reply address that will be used as your from or reply address. This is where you change your reply address.
  8. Under "User Information", the "Reply address" is provided if you want your "From" address and your "Reply" address to be different. I recommend that you do not use this feature. Instead, place your reply address in the "E-mail address" box.
  9. Click OK.

You will now have changed the address that will show as the From address when you send an email and that will be used as a Reply address when someone clicks Reply.

The particular steps here only work for Outlook and for Outlook Express. If you are using different email software, you will need to consult that software to identify how to change your email reply address.

If you want to do this with more then one email address simply recreate your email account and change the Reply address.

On problem that you may run in to is that all of your email account download the same message in to their inbox's. The way to fix this is to go in to your Outlook Express options, then go to your Mail set up and then go in to your send receive options and hit edit and disallow all the inbox from synthesizing but leave your main inbox, the method to do this may be different in different versions of Outlook Express.

More more information about this topic can be found here

Eamil me if you have any problems!

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