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Things to give us for your site development

  1. Main website options
  2. Shipping calculator options
  3. Checkout options
  4. Other options

1. Main website options:

  • * Business Name
  • * Template Number/Name
  • Template URL (optional)
  • * Optimized homepage title (for example: CarsGuide: Cars for Sale - New & Used Car Sales)
  • Optimized name if different from business name (optional)
  • * Current Domain Name registrar login (optional)
    or New Domain Name (check availability) $28 2/years (optional)
    or Domain Name to Transfer (optional)
  • Email to setup (optional)
  • Logo (recommended. else text/custom template will be made)

2. Shipping cost calculator options:

  • Australian shipping calculators

    Shipping cost is determined by australia post and/or australian couriers.
    You can edit the handling fee, shipping service you provide, shipping time offset, etc by going to
    admin > modules > shipping > AustPost/OzPost > edit > save

    • AustPost calculator - free
      works automatically by examining the aust post website for charges depending on item weight and dimensions, and then adds your handling fee. looks professional.  To use this you will simply need to add weight to an item when listing it (easy). 

    This version allows you to use the following delivery methods.

    • Regular Parcel Post (Aust)
    • Registered Post (Aust)
    • Express Post (Aust)
    • Air Mail (Overseas)
    • Sea Mail (Overseas)
    • Express Post (Overseas)

    Example: uses the free aust post shipping calculator.
    To test go to

    Add item to cart, then on the shopping cart page click the 'estimate shipping' button
    These options are available as buttons (radio buttons) for selection during checkout. 

    • OzPost calculator - @$99 - 1 years license.
      60 Days Free : Licence Page

    Shipping Methods for Australia:

    • Letters / Registered Letters (4 sizes) / Express Letters (2 sizes)
    • Regular Parcels / Registered Parcels / Express Parcels / Express Parcels Insured
    • Prepaid Satchels 500gm & 3Kg /  Prepaid Express Satchels 500gm, 3kg & 5kg   3Kg XL Prepaid Express Satchels
    • Platinum Parcels / Platinum Satchels 500gm & 3Kg
    • Cash on Delivery
    • TNT Road Express / TNT Overnight First Class / TNT Overnight Delivery / TNT Technology Express - Sensitive Express
    • FastWay Labels (All zones) / FastWay Satchels
    • TransDirect Parcels
    • e-Go Parcels

      Provides accurate shipping quotes from Australia Post, TNT Australia, FastWay Couriers, TransDirect and E-go (More carriers to come)

    Shipping Methods for Overseas:

    • Letters / Registered Letters / Insured Letters
    • Air Parcels / Registered Air / Insured Air
    • Express Parcel International / Express Parcel International Insured (EPI)
    • Sea / Insured Sea
    • Express Courier International Documents (ECI)
    • Express Courier International Merchandise (ECI)

    Example: uses the OzPost calculator with Fastway.
    To test go to
    Add item to cart, then on the shopping cart page click the 'estimate shipping' button
    These options are available as buttons (radio buttons) for selection during checkout. 

  • Flat Rates
    If you want normal flat rate shipping; please send your shipping charges
  • Based on weight
    If you want shipping determined by manually specified weight charges; please send list of your shipping charges
    You will need to provide costs
    0 to 100g =3.30
    100g to 200g = $5.90
    200g to 300g = $10
    300g to 600g = $16
    600g to 1200g = $27
    1200g to 4000g = $40
    over weight calculated by adding $40 plus the cost of the extra weight
    I can change these if you find that they are not quite what you want later.
    Then when adding an item all you need to do is add a weight; if you forget to add a weight then postage cost will be minimum weight. e.g. 0 to 100g = 3.30
  • Based on price of the items  


Shipping options are edited in : admin > modules > shipping >

3. Checkout payment options

A few primary payment options that are often installed:

  • If you would like me to set up the check/money order payment option please confirm postal address.
  • If you would like me to set up a bank deposit method in the check out please send me you bank details
  • If you take pick up orders, please confirm shop address, or I can add a phone number / email for the customer to contact you with before pick up.
  • PayPal:
    • Option 1.
      to use PayPal IPN I simply need your email address associated with any paypal account. 
    • Option 2:
      PayPal express is a far superior payment gate way and promotes sales through very quick check out and trusted icons. For this option I will need you to give me your Paypal API setting, please follow the following:

Zen cart has a PayPal Express Checkout which allows people to bypass the sign up and go straight to paypal and make the payment!  This is recommended for your site.
In order for to set this up on your site we need to get your API settings, you can do so by following the instructions below or if you give me your PayPal login info I can do it for you.

Step 1: Set Up a Verified PayPal Business Account

  • Customers who don't have an existing PayPal account:
    1. Go to PayPal
    2. Click Sign Up Today.
    3. Set up an account for Business Owners.
    4. Follow the instructions on the PayPal site.
  • Customers who already have a Personal or Premier account:
    1. Go to PayPal
    2. Click the Upgrade your Account link.
    3. Click the Upgrade Now button.
    4. Choose to upgrade to a Business account and follow instructions to complete the upgrade.
    5. If you haven't already, add a bank account to become a Verified member. Follow the instructions on the PayPal site. (This process may take 2-3 business days.)

Step 2: Setup API Access

    1. Log in to your PayPal Business account.
    2. Click the Profile subtab located in the top navigation area
    3. If you have a "My Selling Tools" tab on the left navigation area, click it and go to the next step. Otherwise you'll see two or three columns of choices. You'll want to click on the "API Access" option in the first column, and skip the next step.
    4. Beside the "API Access" option, click the "Update" link/button
    5. Under the Setting up PayPal API Credentials and Permissions heading, under OPTION 2 click the "Request API Credentials" link (If it already says "View API Signature", click that and skip the next step)
    6. Click the “Request API signature” radiobutton then click “Agree & Submit” button (after agreeing to the terms).
    7. Write down the values listed next to API Username and Password
    8. Select the value listed next to Signature Hash, copy it, and save it to a file or some other location. This is your API Signature.
    9. Use the values from #7 and #8 to configure the API SIGNATURE settings in the PayPal Express Checkout module in your Zen Cart admin area ((admin > modules > payment modules > paypal api), or Send me (Michael) values from #7 and #8.

Payment modules are edited through: admin > modules > payment

4. Other options

Information below can be provided after website is setup. These options can be edited in the admin.

  • Slider? do you want instructions on how to use the slider or would you like it removed.
    Slider? send us your slider images (optional)
  • Areas to remove
  • Additions to add or change (conditions apply) page images / design images / etc
  • Design colour. The colour of your logo is recommended. For example if you logo is Maroon and you choose this template all the Fluorescent Green will be changed to Maroon.  
  • Sidebar configuration: 2 (left and right) or 1 (left). 
  • Sidebar boxes list order and choices
  • Top menu, Side bar menu, Footer menu titles (recommended) / Store categories.  A content management system allows you to add/remove pages when ever you like. Instructions will be provided.
  • Item stock control? (do you want to limit the number of items someone can buy by the number you have in stock). Default is yes.
  • Do you want to add variations on items (e.g. different colors or sizes)?. Default is yes but I will send additional instructions to you.
  • Google ID for analytics (email address only)
  • Preferred server location: Optional. USA or Autralia/Cloud. Default is Australia.
    Or provide login to the server you would like to use.
  • Anything else, please email me

Please see my basic online shop administration guide here.  Admin can be set to suit non standard requirements based on its ability, email me at if you think there is going to be something that's may not be coved by this auction package.

I will be here for support as I what you to be able to use and be happy with the admin system. Website will be setup and Instructions provided when required information has been received. 

When you start adding products/categories you will see them appear on your site automatically.  
After you have provided the above we can start your online shop and/or information content management system website.
Email anything to 

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