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Need program or website support? Computer running slowly? Receiving Error Messages? Are you getting virus warnings? Whatever your problem, big or small, we provide Remote technical support, customised to meet your needs, provided by reliable, trusted and efficient technical support or tuition.

Our remote services include security, antivirus, spyware, network installation and monitoring, backup, hardware and software installation, business continuity, and much more. We provide fast and affordable service,years of experience,same day service,Certified Technicians,a secure area for account activities, secure payment and design and development is also available.

We can be on your computer in a matter of minutes from now.

Cheap per hour rate

The way it works:
Phone us and we will get you to install Team Viewer. Once setup (1 minute) we repair or configure your system.

Website support:

On any of our webdesign packages you get free remote assistance (included in support time)
We provide free help via email and telephone and send instructions on how to use your website via email, however we can access your computer and help set up outlook email accounts accounts, watch and guide you through the admin, show you how to use a design program, etc.

Data Recoveries via Remote assistance :

Data recovers may be done anywhere world wide. This requires you to have an operating computer which you plug the bad hard drive into as a slave drive.
No data recovery : No charge

Payment will be invoiced to your email address at end of session